Live events are back!


Live events are back – bigger and better! We are so happy to be doing what we love most and it’s amazing to see you all together again in person.

Now back to business – Are you starting to plan your next conference or event? Perhaps your team are working remotely but are looking to organise an annual get together?
We can help with your audio visual requirements from custom stage sets to streaming and recording event content.

We appreciate in person events can still be a little daunting, but we are here to help every step of the way.
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Let’s talk events! Live, hybrid or virtual

Virtual events, livestreaming

Virtual and hybrid events

Virtual events, livestreaming

Virtual events – converting your live event

virtual events, streaming

Live events may be on hold, but your content does not have to be. As virtual demand increases, the team are here to help you transform your physical event to that all important virtual set-up.
We can help you adapt your conference, awards ceremony and meetings into a virtual format, which enables you to reach a greater audience whenever and wherever they may be, with no risk.
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We can help with…

  • Event website
  • Event registration
  • Broadcasting studio
  • Live presentation content
  • Live, one-way audio/video
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Live polls
  • Recorded content
  • Filming and editing
  • Interactive video conferencing
  • Feedback surveys

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The technical bit…

Virtual events don’t just rely on quality technology, but requires smooth technical management. The team are here to help you choose the best solution to exceed yours and your attendee’s expectations.
Managing the various elements can seem daunting, but that’s where we come in, leaving you to enjoy your event and the feedback!

Virtual event types

  • Webinars enables attendees from around the world to join in and listen to one or more speakers as they present their content. They usually use video conferencing tools that allow Q&A sessions, and offers the ability to present live or a pre-recorded content which can then later be used on-demand.
  • Virtual conferences and events often follow a similar structure to their live version. They are built around a diverse schedule that can include keynotes, breakouts, Q&A’s, polls, award categories and their winners and can be made up of real-time and on-demand components.
    Here at The Conference works we have the experience and skills to ensure a seamless production, managing the different elements and various sessions. Attendees can view sessions live or on demand and can build their own personal agenda from the content available.
  • Hybrid events combine the elements of live and virtual. They are a great way to share your event message beyond your physical attendees and reach a wider audience, spanning the country and even countries. We ensure high quality video production, so your virtual attendees experience a quality event too as if they were there in person.

Virtual engagement

Virtual events does not just mean watching hours of presentations. Attendees can pick and choose their preferred content and still get involved with interactive sessions. Mobile apps allows attendees the opportunity to meet each other virtually and set up meetings. Using social media and an event hashtag can also make attendees feel like they are part of an event community.
Who said virtual events can’t have a lively atmosphere?