Live events are back!


Live events are back – bigger and better! We are so happy to be doing what we love most and it’s amazing to see you all together again in person.

Now back to business – Are you starting to plan your next conference or event? Perhaps your team are working remotely but are looking to organise an annual get together?
We can help with your audio visual requirements from custom stage sets to streaming and recording event content.

We appreciate in person events can still be a little daunting, but we are here to help every step of the way.
Contact the team to find out how we can help you!
Let’s talk events! Live, hybrid or virtual

Are you ready for your next event?

Are you ready for your next event?
Restrictions are continuing to ease, but we appreciate there is still a sense of uncertainty around conferences and events.
You may be asking ‘Do we continue with virtual or go hybrid?’
Our team are here to offer options and solutions to help you with your decisions.
We know last minute changes may be necessary, we are here every step of the way to accommodate and guide you through those changes.

Creating a successful event (Virtual, hybrid or live) requires planning
Maybe you are looking to host an internal or an external event? Do you have the tools needed to stream your hybrid event effectively?

Hybrid events are the perfect solution for content that can effectively be held both onsite and virtually.
Hybrid events are also extremely useful solutions when many of your attendees who would normally attend in person can’t.

Virtual events have proven to be fundamental in continuing to bring people together, but Live events are going to come back, and they’re going to come back in a big way. Events are making a comeback
We are here to help you make those steps to being back on site!

Ready for your next event?
Contact us today for an informal chat about your next event! We have solutions to suit all budgets .

Please be assured that on site safety will be the number one priority!

What a year!

We are ‘virtually’ at the end of 2020 now, but wow – what a year we have had. Stops, starts ups and downs and so many uncertain moments. But what has remained certain is our loyal customers and their constant support, not only to us but to the events industry.

There may still be some way to go, but we are all looking forward to being side by side again in busy venues. Our crew are even looking forward to the derig in the early hours of the morning after a buzzing awards ceremony!
It’s easy to focus on the negatives, but it’s hard not to be humbled by the positives too. Colleagues have become friends, a well timed phone call offering words of support, the opportunity to learn new skills and the chance to adapt and push the business forwards and be proud of the resilience we have shown during some difficult times. This has given us even more passion and more energy to keep striving forwards. We can’t wait to work with you next year !

Thank you again, we couldn’t do it without you!

virtual awards

Award ceremonies – the virtual way

virtual awards

It has been a turbulent year for many, but now more than ever recognising achievement is crucially important and rewarding.
Award ceremonies don’t have to be on hold. Here at The Conference Works we have recently worked on some prestigious award ceremonies and it has been an absolute honour.
Whether you want to stream your event live, or prefer to pre-record the content, the team can help!

What we do…

We also miss live events, but the atmosphere and buzz that is generated around virtual events is fabulous. Whether you are at home wearing a posh frock eating a gourmet meal, or you are wearing your pyjamas whilst tucking into a takeaway, the team will do their upmost to make sure we create an award ceremony that is enjoyed by all.
We appreciate virtual events can seem overwhelming, but we will help you every step of the way.

  • Making your host(s) feel at ease behind the camera
  • Seamlessly following your awards ceremony format
  • Offering suggestions and solutions that may enhance your event
  • Providing technical support from start to finish
  • Creating a quality production for you and your audience to enjoy

Flexible studio space

We have created a large COVID secure studio that can be personalised…

  • Branded back drops
  • Branded lecterns
  • Staging to suit host(s)
  • Ambient lighting
  • Multi camera options

The team can of course set up at your preferred location. In a world where we need to adapt, the team prides ourselves on our flexibility and willingness to make sure we create your perfect event!

Virtual Awards 2020

Virtual Awards

Virtual Awards 2020
Virtual Awards

Virtual Awards with The East Midlands Chamber (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire)
After an uncertain and difficult year for many, we were delighted to hear the awards were still going ahead and even more honoured to be a part of them.
With so much uncertainty surrounding live events, a virtual format was chosen.
We teamed up with the ever positive and professional ‘AV IT Media who filmed & edited the event. We spent a day in the studio and the awards categories and content were pieced together. Sponsors attended, their award category filmed and then they left ready for the next sponsor to enter.
Even though the awards are different this year, one thing that remains the same is the support and celebration that goes into each regions event.
A massive well done to Linsey and the team. Restrictions were met, formats were changed, but yet still created such impressive and prestigious events.

Firstly, a huge thank you for allowing us to be a part of the set design and the AV support. Secondly, thanks again to ‘AV IT media, it’s always a pleasure to work alongside you on events.

Tune in and watch each regions awards. Why not open a bottle of bubbly, get dressed up, and feel a part of the fantastic events. (Of course your slippers go with black tie dress)

Watch Leicestershire’s awards here, 19th November from 6:45pm
Nottinghamshire Awards 29th November
Derbyshire Awards 3rd December

Broadcasting Studio

Broadcasting studio

Broadcasting Studio
  • studio
  • Live streamed events

New broadcasting studio – new opportunities

You may not be able to hold your awards dinner or your annual conference in its usual format, but that doesn’t mean your event can’t go ahead.
With the use of our broadcasting studio, the team can create a seamless event and reach your audience wherever they may be. Utilising high speed connection and first-class technology, we ensure quality live streamed events. With our skilled team on-site, we provide the support and solutions to deliver a top-class event!

Check out our video for more information

Digital and interactive content  

Why not create a mix of live and on-demand content?
The option to pre- record sessions often proves quite favourable. Nerves can take effect during a live session, so therefore having the opportunity to pre-record is often the preferred choice. 
The team can then fuse all the elements together and create a flawless and engaging event production.

  • Live polls
  • Live Q&A
  • Discussion forum
  • Poster sessions
  • Networking functions
  • Virtual exhibitions

Bespoke studio space

Our broadcasting studio can be tailored to suit you.
Lighting can be ambient or dramatic to suit your event tone. Walls, lectern and even the flooring can be branded to enhance your company identity. We offer this and more, all whilst providing ample space to ensure social distance guidelines are met.


Not only can we change the look and feel of our studio, but we can also change the location. ‘You to us or us to you’ .
We can adapt the technology required and the size of the studio to suit your space.

As lockdown guidelines continue to change, we offer the flexibility to pre-record and build your event content over a period of time, giving you the flexibility to organise a filming schedule with your presenters.
Why not come and visit us at our Midlands office, we can show you the space and its potential.

Virtual events, livestreaming

Virtual and hybrid events

Virtual events, livestreaming

Virtual events – converting your live event

virtual events, streaming

Live events may be on hold, but your content does not have to be. As virtual demand increases, the team are here to help you transform your physical event to that all important virtual set-up.
We can help you adapt your conference, awards ceremony and meetings into a virtual format, which enables you to reach a greater audience whenever and wherever they may be, with no risk.
Please download our brochure for more info

We can help with…

  • Event website
  • Event registration
  • Broadcasting studio
  • Live presentation content
  • Live, one-way audio/video
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Live polls
  • Recorded content
  • Filming and editing
  • Interactive video conferencing
  • Feedback surveys

Find our more

The technical bit…

Virtual events don’t just rely on quality technology, but requires smooth technical management. The team are here to help you choose the best solution to exceed yours and your attendee’s expectations.
Managing the various elements can seem daunting, but that’s where we come in, leaving you to enjoy your event and the feedback!

Virtual event types

  • Webinars enables attendees from around the world to join in and listen to one or more speakers as they present their content. They usually use video conferencing tools that allow Q&A sessions, and offers the ability to present live or a pre-recorded content which can then later be used on-demand.
  • Virtual conferences and events often follow a similar structure to their live version. They are built around a diverse schedule that can include keynotes, breakouts, Q&A’s, polls, award categories and their winners and can be made up of real-time and on-demand components.
    Here at The Conference works we have the experience and skills to ensure a seamless production, managing the different elements and various sessions. Attendees can view sessions live or on demand and can build their own personal agenda from the content available.
  • Hybrid events combine the elements of live and virtual. They are a great way to share your event message beyond your physical attendees and reach a wider audience, spanning the country and even countries. We ensure high quality video production, so your virtual attendees experience a quality event too as if they were there in person.

Virtual engagement

Virtual events does not just mean watching hours of presentations. Attendees can pick and choose their preferred content and still get involved with interactive sessions. Mobile apps allows attendees the opportunity to meet each other virtually and set up meetings. Using social media and an event hashtag can also make attendees feel like they are part of an event community.
Who said virtual events can’t have a lively atmosphere?


Let’s talk virtual events!

In light of recent announcements, live events are on hold again.
Health and safety is paramount, but we also appreciate the frustration of waiting for the ‘conference comeback’
For many, conference content is vital with important information that needs to be communicated. As time passes and we all continue to adapt our ways to meet the guidelines to help beat COVID-19, we are also working with our clients to adapt the format of your conference. Don’t forget we can help with virtual events, live streaming, filming and editing.
We may be playing the waiting game now, but your message doesn’t have to. Let’s talk virtual events!

we make events

Conference comeback

we make events

Are you ready for ‘conference comeback’
As the events industry begins to make its long awaited return, we are more than ready to come back even bigger and better than before.
With many guidelines in place, the team are ready to discuss options and solutions for your next event. We will continue to offer support throughout.
More than ever now is the time to ensure your message is communicated, face to face or virtually!
Contact us today, we’d love to help