Event Organisers – Our Top AV Tips

  1. Have a clear vision and design concept for your event right from the very start. Naturally there will be changes throughout the process, but having a clear direction in terms of visuals and content will ensure the creative team are all on the same page.

  2. Confirm and promote your keynote speakers and presenters early on, this will generate a buzz and help build additional interest in your event.

  3. Event apps! Having a mobile app specifically created for your event is an extremely useful tool. This can include; delegate registration, polling and voting, site maps, chat room, advertising opportunities and the event agenda. This is also a great way to reduce printing for delegate packs.

  4. Making your audience feel engaged and immersed in the event is vital. Audiences and events of today are becoming more tech- savvy with online voting, polling, Q&A and web streaming increasing in popularity.  Innovative ideas and solutions at your event will ensure it remains in the memory of your delegates.

  5. Build a relationship with your AV provider. This enables the AV team to have a deeper understanding of your way of working and your expectations. The AV team will be able to advise what will work on your event(s) and offer further ideas and suggestions that will suit your needs.

Our Top Presenter Tips

  1. Don’t over complicate your presentation. Slides that are clear, simple and straight to the point will ensure maximum engagement and understanding.

  2. Always create slides/content in 16:9 format (widescreen). Most projection areas today are in this format and it really does enhance images and content.

  3. Where possible, use multiple short video clips. Processing large films from Powerpoint/keynote can cause laptops and Macs to struggle, not to mention your audience.

  4. Avoid links to websites in your presentation. This can cause issues during a live show, such as pop-ups and ads all of which are out of the technicians’ control.

  5. Bring multiple copies and formats of your slides, videos and audio on a USB stick. Relying on downloads can be risky. Better to be safe than sorry.
top presenter tips

‘Oh, and did we mention a fed and watered technician is
a happy technician’.