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Broadcasting Studio
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New broadcasting studio – new opportunities

You may not be able to hold your awards dinner or your annual conference in its usual format, but that doesn’t mean your event can’t go ahead.
With the use of our broadcasting studio, the team can create a seamless event and reach your audience wherever they may be. Utilising high speed connection and first-class technology, we ensure quality live streamed events. With our skilled team on-site, we provide the support and solutions to deliver a top-class event!

Check out our video for more information

Digital and interactive content  

Why not create a mix of live and on-demand content?
The option to pre- record sessions often proves quite favourable. Nerves can take effect during a live session, so therefore having the opportunity to pre-record is often the preferred choice. 
The team can then fuse all the elements together and create a flawless and engaging event production.

  • Live polls
  • Live Q&A
  • Discussion forum
  • Poster sessions
  • Networking functions
  • Virtual exhibitions

Bespoke studio space

Our broadcasting studio can be tailored to suit you.
Lighting can be ambient or dramatic to suit your event tone. Walls, lectern and even the flooring can be branded to enhance your company identity. We offer this and more, all whilst providing ample space to ensure social distance guidelines are met.


Not only can we change the look and feel of our studio, but we can also change the location. ‘You to us or us to you’ .
We can adapt the technology required and the size of the studio to suit your space.

As lockdown guidelines continue to change, we offer the flexibility to pre-record and build your event content over a period of time, giving you the flexibility to organise a filming schedule with your presenters.
Why not come and visit us at our Midlands office, we can show you the space and its potential.

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